As a survival kit builder a first aid kit, or trauma kit, should be an essential part of our kit. Nowadays, even average people had become more aware of the importance of first aid kits and we can see it almost everywhere from schools, offices and even in cars.

It’s comforting to know that more and more people are realizing that emergency can happen anywhere anytime, therefore it’s important to be prepared. But more than just having a first aid kit with us everywhere we go, it’s more important to know what supplies need to be in your bug out kit. One of the most important things to consider would be what kind of activities are we going to do or where are we planning to go. Someone who would go outdoor camping may need some other additional supplies such as sunburn relief spray which you won’t need for your first aid kit in the workplace or a glacier gel which someone who would go skiing has in his/her first aid kit may not be needed for the first aid kit for the car.

Some first aid supplies which should be a part of your first aid kit are the following:

• Bandages (Israeli Bandages are recommended)
Antiseptic / sanitizing wipes
Celox Powder (to stop bleeding)
Gauze pads
Sam Splint
• Medicines such as general antibiotics and pain killers
• Important medication of family members
• Gloves
• Scissors
• Antibacterial ointment
• Cold packs
• First aid handbook (I recommend The Survival Medicine Handbook or The Complete First Aid Pocket Guide)
• Local emergency phone numbers

It’s also crucial for us to constantly check the freshness of the supplies in our first aid kit. Using expired medicine could mean not getting the proper dose we need, since the medicine normally loses its potency once expired. Even worst, it may harm us instead of making us feel better. To avoid these things from happening, make it a point to check the items on the first aid kit at least once every 6 months and replenish items you might have used or those that are expired.

Having the appropriate supplies with you together with quick response and proper first aid treatment can save lives. That’s why it would really help if you can take some basic training in administering first aid as well.

Health is indeed one of the most precious possessions that we can have in this world, as the old saying goes “Health is wealth”. That’s why aside from regular exercises, eating the right foods and taking vitamins, we should also make it a point to do something to protect it when faced with any potential danger by being prepared and putting together a first aid kit.

If you wish to have it all done for you, I can recommend a great trauma first aid kit. It should deal with most crisis situations we survivalists prepare for, the Lightning X Rip-Away features a quality combination of kit and also fits easily over you car’s headrest.